Work-clothes vs. Man Cave clothes

Man Cave clothes (c) Heather Bosch Media“Why do you need so many clothes for work?” My youngest asked me. I’m not surprised he’s asking.  For most of my career as a TV and Radio Anchor/Reporter in the Pacific Northwest a tweed jacket, jeans and boots — with my hair neatly braided back — suited me just fine about 10-and-a-half months out of the year.

And if my work clothes tended to be business-casual, my at-home garb was completely laid-back; consisting of cotton or flannel pajamas and fuzzy socks. It was the uniform of choice for cooking, cleaning and rolling around on the floor with toddler and then grade-school-aged sons after my ‘day job’ at the news station. Continue reading

Grocery grumps and the check-out line coupon conundrum

grocer (c) Heather Bosch MediaThe cupboards in the Man Cave are empty. Really. I need to go shopping.

The hardest part of shopping in our little almost-in-New York town is not getting to the grocery store, not running through vast isles to grab something edible and not schlepping all of it to the check-out line.

The toughest part of the grocery-store-expedition is getting through the check-out isle.

Customers here not only haggle, they’ve made it an Olympic sport. Continue reading