Note to the Man Cave: Less Bleach

WP_20150815_17_38_52_ProWhen the Man Cave first relocated to Manhattan, we lived in an apartment that had a large laundry room outside of our unit … and thus, I introduced my sons to the concept of doing their own laundry.

Armed with a laundry-payment card — to activate the washers and dryers — as well as detergent and dryer sheets, they were taught to wash their own clothes.

Yes, there were lessons in grouping colors and whites for different loads; tips on how much detergent and bleach is needed (NOT as much as you think); and how often to WASH clothes (MORE often than you think).

We now live in an apartment with its own, be it tiny, washing machine. And I’ve found I have raised boys that now chastise me if I leave MY load of laundry in the washing machine for any length of time: “MAAHHHH-um! I need to do a load of SOCKS. You need to move your stuff!” But I may have also raised sons who will — I hope — help their future spouses with laundry duty And before that, perhaps be the most popular students on their college campuses. But we do need to go over that “don’t use too much bleach,” lesson … at least one more time (see image at top).

This has been an actual conversation in the Man Cave. What’s the Man Cave? Read this.

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