Guy clothes aren’t just for guys

Spanx productsThe other day I notice a woman fighting – and losing – a battle with her Spanx (slimming underwear for the uninitiated) and it occurred to me that there are CLEAR advantages to living in a Man Cave. Among them: easy access to men-clothing.

Guy clothes are generally better made and much more comfortable. Right now, for instance, I’m wearing a shirt that has one tag in the back to tell me I must dry clean it, another telling me WHO made it (and why I had to pay so much for it) and a third poking me in the ribs. I’m not sure what that last one is for, but I think “Inspector 24” may be trapped in his sewing room in Topeka and is sending me a coded message – via clothing tag – telling me to get him out.

Guy clothes, much more simple. Much more comfortable. Don’t underestimate this fact, fellas. You know why your Tee-shirts that have been washed to buttery soft perfection keep disappearing? Yep. We’re taking them. It’s why your socks are always in the wash but you never seem to get a chance to wear them . . . and why your sweaters, hand-made by some Norwegian granny with-love-in-every-stitch, always smell like girl and have lumps and bumps where guys never HAVE lumps and bumps.

You have been warned.

This has been an actual conversation in the Man Cave. What’s the Man Cave? Read this.

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