No men in the Man Cave means no TV for me

TV troubles (C) Heather Bosch MediaA friend of mine once said that the entertainment system in a TRUE man cave cannot (NOT) be operated by anyone who doesn’t poses a “y” chromosome. I scoffed at this, at first. With MY extensive background as an anchor/reporter in television and radio news?! . . . I will pause for a moment while my engineering friends in broadcasting have a good laugh at the thought of broadcast “talent” — of either gender — being able to figure out how the equipment works, but let me skip forward now.

The men of the man cave recently went out of town. The little men, to visit grandparents, the big man, to conduct business. Continue reading

How I got my gamertag: Mama-Kazi

moo_moo_meadowsDespite living in a quite-geeky Man Cave, I am not a big video-game player. I just haven’t taken the time to learn how to play them very well — except Mario Kart’s “Moo Moo Meadows” race track. For some reason, racing around a track avoiding cows comes easily to me. Perhaps from my experience as a TV reporter in rural Yakima, Washington, but I digress.

Since the days of Mario Kart, my boys have moved onto games like Halo. Those games involve a whole different skill set. Continue reading

Passwords, user names and a bunny named Hassenpfeffer

passwordsConfession: I cannot remember rows of obscure letters and numbers.

Can’t do it.

I can’t even remember my own phone number unless I dial the “imaginary” telephone, first. This creates a problem when I’m trying to remember passcodes. And the broadcast news network I work for has set up one doozy of a system to get through in order to access your own personnel file. Cracking the code is like trying to dig your way into Fort Knox with a spoon. A plastic one. Continue reading