That moment when you realize your boy is becoming a man

Pokemon cards © Heather Bosch MediaMe: Hopping up on my youngest son’s bed, “What-cha doin’?”

Youngest son: “Just going through my Pokémon cards.”

Ah, Pokémon. He’s been collecting them since he could talk. Many a Pokémon playing cards have been stuffed into Christmas stockings, wrapped neatly as birthday presents, or presented as a congratulatory “Hey I know spelling isn’t your best subject, but you got 7 out of 10, right? Nice!”

“See,” he tells me, “THIS one is rare. It’s really cool. “

I nod (I’m the Mom. I do that whether or not I completely understand the whole collecting-cards thing.)

“THIS is my favorite. It’s when they use to draw Pikachu, chubby.”

He gets quiet as he carefully slips each card into a plastic sleeve, as collectors do when they’re handling something valuable.

“You know, Mom. I have this friend at school,” he says thoughtfully, as he carefully selects and wraps each card. “His Mom died.”

OK, I didn’t expect him to say that.

“He has a little brother.”

Now I don’t know what to say. I nod. (See earlier comment.)

“His little brother is really ‘into’ Pokémon, right now. He loves it,” he says.

I reply, “OK.”

“I think I’m going to give my friend my Pokémon cards. I don’t play with them a lot, anymore. He can play with his little brother,” he nods as if making a firm decision. “Mom?”

“Um, what?”

“Your eyes are watering.”

“Yes,” I say, smiling broadly.

This has been an actual conversation in the Man Cave. What’s the Man Cave? Read this.

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2 responses

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  2. I’ve read several of your posts. Very enjoyable reading about your family in the man cave. Enjoy every moment with those boys. I love that you record some. Wish I had written more down about my girls. Thought I could remember everything. Right. You look beautiful Heather.

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