Welcome to the Man Cave!

Big screen in Heather Bosch's Man CaveHi! My name is Heather Bosch and I live in a MAN CAVE. You know that room in the house where the man-types hang out?

Where they burp, kick their shoes off, play video games and do other manly things? That’s pretty much my entire house.

Let me explain.

Two-and-a-half years ago, I was offered a job at a major broadcast news network in New York City. Since most Moms and Dads both have to work “outside” the home these days, I packed up and moved to Manhattan. My husband transferred his job to NYC and soon arrived at our tiny apartment with our two teen/tween boys and their “essentials.”

“Essentials” turned out to be big screen TV’s, computers, every video game known to man and countless boy-sized T-shirts and sweats (because if you THINK I’m putting that dress-shirt on, Mom, you are SO WRONG), and socks. Soooo many pairs of white socks. My fluffy lace curtains, throw-pillows and china are in storage. The love seat I purchased right after we got married is here, but slip-covered and flanked by the manly reclining chair. Here is where nightly discussions include quotes from Monty Python, what I’ve learned about sharks and who-ate-whom on the “Walking Dead.”

This is a manly, no-pink, steak-eating house. And as it turns out, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love to you and your family from ours… more status reports will follow from the Man Cave. 😉

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