“Prequel to the Man Cave” or “Growing up with brothers”

Han Solo action figure 1977Having grown up with two brothers, one just 16-months older than me, the other about 16-months younger, I actually got a taste of living in a Man Cave early. There wasn’t a doll I owned that didn’t take a trip on a brother-made boat out onto a pond or hitch a ride attached to the tail of a kite that inevitably ended up strangled in a tree or diving deep into an angry rose bush.

The story of my brothers blowing up my Han Solo action figure with fire crackers is legendary. They didn’t confess to the crime until 20-years later. Continue reading

A reporter’s notebook on Thanksgiving dinner

  • thanksgivingI had Thanksgiving “off” this year. No minor thing for this reporter-girl. For many, many years Thanksgiving week has been the trifecta of reporter assignments:

*Wednesday, talk with busy travelers.

*Thursday, go to the mission where they’re serving up Thanksgiving breakfast.

*Friday, go talk with Black Friday shoppers. And don’t get run-over (they are a determined lot).

It’s exhausting, but in a good way. It’s a good reminder that I have a job. A good reminder that I had Thanksgiving dinner waiting for me at home, either courtesy a gracious relative or the deli department at the local grocery store. I hadn’t roasted a turkey since I was a mere newly-wed, standing in the kitchen asking my baby-sister if she knew which end of the bird I was SUPPOSE to stuff . . . Continue reading

When a dynamic duo has to work alone

Superman-And-Wonder-WomanThe Man Cave is minus the main man, this week. Hubby is on a business trip. His absence is huge, and it’s not just because my feet get unbearably cold at night (there’s not one woman who hasn’t placed freezing cold feet on her husband’s warm calves at night whether he’s a willing foot-warmer or not).

I know single parents who amazingly handle everything. Hubby and I, though, have found that this “team” thing works the best for us. It’s like when super-hero’s work together to battle evil: Continue reading