Silence in the Man Cave, part three

I’ve now had the cold-from-heck, also known as the newsroom plague, for six days. With the bug firmly embedded in my throat, I drove to my doctor’s office.

“Do you have an appointment?” a slightly irritated receptionist says to me.

“No.“  I squeak while shaking my head and pointing at my throat.

Receptionist says, “Well, you should call first and ask when — “

Me: <shaking my head furiously now with a pretend phone in my hand> “Voice. NO. Phone TALK? Can’t!” Continue reading

Silence in the Man Cave, part two

I have officially reached the pity party stage since “Silence in the Man Cave, part one.”

Please understand, very little takes me down.

I once suffered shingles while on assignment in the Midwest. But after a trip to the emergency room and with antivirals in hand, I managed to get BACK on the road and was working the next day. Continue reading

Silence in the Man Cave

Silence in the Man Cave

I’ve been thinking a lot about the human voice as I’ve contracted a bug that’s left me — and I assure you this rarely happens — SPEECHLESS.

Actually I do have a LITTLE voice left, but I sound kind of like Yoda from inside a vacuum cleaner bag. That explains why the desk assistants at the CBS Network, where I’m employed, took a while to understand I was calling in sick: “Me … ILL … no work I can do. Voice broken, it is….”

It’s also a reminder that though I make a living talking to people, there is more than one way to convey a message or tell a story. Continue reading

The Man Cave health tracker

trackerA friend of mine has a new FitBit health tracker. I have a PantsFit monitor. Let’s compare.

The Fitbit is a device that contains a 3D motion sensor that accurately tracks your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and sleep quality.

I have pants.

If my pants fit, I’m doing OK. If they don’t fit, I need to lay off the potato chips and run more.

Continue reading

Adventures in food poisoning, or Pepto Bismol is your FRIEND

peptoI’m a tough cookie. I’ve been to post-tsunami south Asia. Covered dock-workers strikes at 3am. Terror attacks, shootings, floods? I’m there. Even illnesses can’t break me. Or so I thought…
Came down with shingles: Not contagious? I’m going to work!
Bad cold: taking Sudafed… and going to work!
And THEN… I got food poisoning. Continue reading

The Mom nose knows

noseAccording to scientists, the human nose can detect one TRILLION different odors, far more than previously thought. As the Mom of the Man Cave, this comes as no surprise. Stay with me. Odors in a Man Cave aren’t necessarily BAD. There’s the scent that shows hubby has splurged for the lovely maple-y flavored bacon; the scent of fresh clean baby boy — my FAVORITE when the little men were very little; and the scent of freshly scrubbed home.

But being the Mom of the Man Cave means I have developed not only an extra set of eyes, but extra-sensitive nostrils. I would wager that women who live in Man Caves can detect a QUADRILLION different scents.

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Just accept it. Kids are adorable germ-magnets

Kids cuddling © Heather Bosch MediaI was trying to reassure a colleague of mine, who has young kids, that one day he will NOT be chronically ill. He is NOT suffering from a long-term illness. Nope. Like many parents, he is catching every cold, stomach virus, flu bug, achy-crud his little kids can generate. I swear that when my kids were young, my husband I weren’t completely well and mucus free for two years.

There’s no getting around it. You can take your vitamin C and scrub your hands germ-free… but those little bug-factories will cough right in your face. Or you’ll end up kissing their snotty-little cheeks, anyway… because they’re so darn cute even when their contagious. Just resign yourself to the fact that when one of your kids gets sick, EVERYONE in the family will catch it. Continue reading