Just accept it. Kids are adorable germ-magnets

Kids cuddling © Heather Bosch MediaI was trying to reassure a colleague of mine, who has young kids, that one day he will NOT be chronically ill. He is NOT suffering from a long-term illness. Nope. Like many parents, he is catching every cold, stomach virus, flu bug, achy-crud his little kids can generate. I swear that when my kids were young, my husband I weren’t completely well and mucus free for two years.

There’s no getting around it. You can take your vitamin C and scrub your hands germ-free… but those little bug-factories will cough right in your face. Or you’ll end up kissing their snotty-little cheeks, anyway… because they’re so darn cute even when their contagious. Just resign yourself to the fact that when one of your kids gets sick, EVERYONE in the family will catch it. Continue reading