The Mom nose knows

noseAccording to scientists, the human nose can detect one TRILLION different odors, far more than previously thought. As the Mom of the Man Cave, this comes as no surprise. Stay with me. Odors in a Man Cave aren’t necessarily BAD. There’s the scent that shows hubby has splurged for the lovely maple-y flavored bacon; the scent of fresh clean baby boy — my FAVORITE when the little men were very little; and the scent of freshly scrubbed home.

But being the Mom of the Man Cave means I have developed not only an extra set of eyes, but extra-sensitive nostrils. I would wager that women who live in Man Caves can detect a QUADRILLION different scents.

Yes, I can detect if there’s a hint of smoke or gas or anything that might threaten our happy home, including soiled diapers (when the little men were OH so very little) or unwashed teenager (I won’t go into details on that, but you should read “Febreze is handy in the Man Cave“). OK, that’s pretty obvious.

Women of the Man Cave also develop an “OK, annoying but NOT such a big deal,” detector that lets us know which stinky battle to fight and which to let go. A little too much cologne on the rapidly growing teen? Let it go. Stinky sneakers? Take’m to you room. Potential mob boss buried in walls of apartment? CALL THE LANDLORD.

What if it’s the CHILDREN who complain about an odd smell? Ahhhh to the Mom of the Man Cave, the answer is simple. “How do you know it’s not the inside of your nose, dear child, that smells funny?” We in the Man Cave, are resourceful.

This has been an actual conversation in the Man Cave. What’s the Man Cave? Read this.

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