Let the ‘real’ winter games begin!

Snow on a street in Greak Neck, NY (C) Heather Bosch MediaOK. I admit the winter uniforms can be outlandish and the analysis a bit tedious at times, but I love to watch the graceful vaulting over the snow . . . The sliding — and occasional falling — on the ice . . . the rising up, again, undaunted. The endurance! The “facing the cold and exhaustion and never ending expanse of snow!” Yes, I am proud, PROUD, of my journalism colleagues and their wall-to-wall storm coverage!

No, I was not talking about the Winter Olympics, although I’m pretty darn sure there should be medals handed out for the longest live-shot, worst broadcast conditions, and most man-on-the-street interviews (I’d put in for that one). For everyone who scoffs at the “over the top” media coverage, there are ratings to prove plenty more people are listening or watching to find out if school’s cancelled, whether they should dig out their snow pants, and when (WHEN) winter will end.

For every broadcast there’s a group of intrepid reporters, videographers and others . . . out it the cold and the mess . . . trying to find a nice way of expressing, “Stay HOME. This SUCKS! I don’t even want to be out here!”

And back at the “warm and cozy” studio there is another frantic group, juggling sound, video, information and phone calls from people demanding to know if “Our Lady of Guadalupe” school is cancelled and whether the train is running on a weekend schedule.

We don’t want your pity, America. We just want you to understand that like many of you, we don’t get a snow-day off. We’re out there with you, trudging through the snow, slipping on the ice and stepping into deep slush-covered puddles. Actually, you-all deserve medals, too. And a nice, warm spring. Let’s hope.

This has been an actual conversation in the Man Cave. What’s the Man Cave? Read this.

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