A D-Day lesson on being a man

Ensley Maxwell LlewllynMy sons, here in the Man Cave, have an amazing example of what it means to be a Man, in their father. They’re blessed, also to have wonderful grandparents and uncles. I’ve also told them the story of another man. One who was at the beach in Normandy, France, 70-years-ago. General Llewellyn. Everyone in my neighborhood said his name as: “GENERAL Llewellyn.” Not Ensley, Mr. Llewellyn or grandpa (as he was an older man, at that time). But “General Llewellyn.”

It was when I – a child in grade school – was assigned a class on WWII, that I ‘interviewed’ him.

I learned he was one of the first to land on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. He was on the first jeep that rode into San Michelle, France, to crowds of newly liberated Frenchmen. He served in both the European theater and the South Pacific. BUT what I remember the most? He talked so proudly about starting the Stars and Stripes War Orphan Fund. Continue reading