The loss of a friend and mentor

Jane Shannon-KIRO-RadioAn open letter to my friend who suddenly left us, here on earth.

Dear Jane,

Thank you for laughing with me until we snorted and/or cried.

Thank you for understanding it’s hard to raise two boys and work full-time in radio news, too.

Thank you for staying in the meeting – after every one left – when I was so upset and needed your hug.

Thank you for coming out of the control room to tell me how much you loved my story about the Nuns who were super-football-fans.

Thank you for holding my youngest after he was born.

Thank you for saying your reporters are “rock stars.”

Thank you for all the times you called me, “baby girl.”

Thank you for visiting me in New York.

Thank you for sharing a birthday week with me.

Thank you for your support, your mentorship, your friendship and for simply being you.

You are a kind, perceptive, brilliant soul. The world is an emptier place now, but the heaven is smiling brighter with you in it. I miss you my dear friend, but I hold you in my heart. You’ll be with me with every milestone, accomplishment and challenge.

God Bless.


Your “Baby Girl”

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