Winter, go away! It’s time for Spring

Heather cold  © Heather Bosch MediaDear “Winter,” It’s not you, it’s me.

I need to move on. Yes, we’ve had our moments: playing in the snow, baking pies on a chilly afternoon, spending the holidays together (although I never really thought of Saint Patrick’s Day as a “winter” holiday) … but NONETHELESS, you’ve been there. Morning, noon AND NIGHT. Continue reading

It’s too hot, but I’m not complaining

too-hotI’m thinking about how hot it gets in the Man Cave (and nearly everywhere else). Truly. It’s as if a little old lady in a Florida retirement home manages the temperature in all of the buildings in New York City. Seems like you can almost hear, “Marvin, turn the heat up. I’m FREEZIN’ my caboose off here’!” or “Marvin, blast the A-C, I’m havin’ a HOT FLASH HERE!” Continue reading