How to make S’mores, Man Cave style

william-smores-8-8-2014Manly Double Decker S’more Recipe:
1. Carefully remove entire rectangle of graham cracker from wrapper. Do NOT break into a square. You will need an entire rectangle for the bottom and another one for the top for these manly S’mores.
2. Place two peanut-butter cups, side by side, on the bottom graham cracker. Yes, I KNOW. GENIOUS.
3. Cover each peanut-butter cup with a slab of chocolate candy bar.
4. Brown two jumbo sized marshmallows. This is preferably done over a campfire, but a propane cooking torch or flame from a gas stove top will work in a pinch. Hubby says parental supervision is required both for the children and for ME (something about “I don’t want to take Mom to the ER, tonight.”)
5. Take your warm marshmallows (when they have just the right amount of crunchy, brown doneness on the outside and gooey goodness on the inside) and place them on top of the chocolate.
6. Smoosh a graham cracker on top.william-smores-8-8-2014-b
7. Eat quickly (before other family members can take it away)!
8. Repeat.

This has been an actual conversation in the Man Cave. What’s the Man Cave? Read this.

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