Awkward Man Cave sports discussion

footballMy son went to his first High School football practice, today. This was no easy task as he had to convince ME — the Man Cave Momma — to let him turn out for a sport that can be dangerous. Yes, I know all sports can be dangerous. But I’ll bet even Marshawn Lynch’s mom cringes when the fourth or fifth opposing player attaches himself to the Herculean running back’s legs in an attempt to stop him while in BEAST MODE.

Fortunately there is plenty of safety gear, from helmet to pads, and most of it is provided by the school. However my son informed us we needed to purchase . . . Let’s say “something commonly used in sports to protect the manly nether regions.” The conversation that followed went a little like this:

Dad: (At computer ordering the aforementioned equipment) “Hmm . . . Does he need just ‘protection,’ or ‘protection and support’?”
Me: “Well . . .  uhh,  get whatever is the best.”
Dad looks at me slightly confused.
Me: (Feeling a bright red blush creep across my face) “Uhm, just make sure we’ll be able to have grandchildren some day.”
Dad: “So both support and — ”
Me: “I don’t know! I was a ballerina, not a football player for gosh sakes!”

I’m not sure what Dad ultimately bought, but I’m convinced this won’t be the last awkward sports related conversation in the Man Cave.

PS: Maybe I’ll just wrap the kid up in bubble-wrap, head to toe.

This has been an actual conversation in the Man Cave. What’s the Man Cave? Read this.

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