Boston: A reporter’s observations

bostonHaving spent a bit of time away from the Man Cave and in Boston covering a trial, I felt it important to share what I know about this fair American city.

1. You will get lost driving in Boston. Not in the ‘historic presence’ or ‘beautiful surroundings (although there are plenty),’ of Boston.  I mean you will get LOST trying to drive from point A to point B.  Because there is NO DIRECT ROUTE. Trust me. It’s as if the city founders took some spaghetti, threw it against a wall, let it slide to the ground, kicked it around a bit and then said “THERE- that’s the layout of our streets!“ I don’t care if you have a map, GPS, Uncle Fred – who can navigate by stars – in the front seat, you WILL GET LOST.  This is why they RUN so much in Boston. At some point, they gave up on driving, decided there was strength in numbers, and all started running in the same direction, thinking “ONE of us will make it to the destination!” “Where are we going? “ “HECK I don’t know… does it MATTER? At least we’ll ALL be there!”  

2. They like socks that are RED. In fact, they like all manner of sports. Football, basketball, hockey- SURE. Lacrosse, canoeing, curling? They’ve got that to. And THEN some. Just make sure you’re rooting for the “right” team because they’re quite adamant about that (says the girl who bleeds Seattle Seahawks blue and green).

3. The “chow-duh” is pretty darn good. And I’m biased, having grown up in Ivar’s clam chowder served on Washington State ferries since I was knee-high to a geoduck. The seafood, overall is awesome. But don’t eat it at the airport. EVER #FoodPoisoningLessonLearned   #DambShrimpSalad  #StillTickedOffAboutThat

4. Boston strong is REAL. This city endured a bombing at its famed marathon, a record winter of snow and helped start a revolution (something about insurgents throwing tea into the harbor). I am more than impressed by this city’s resilience and ability to rush to those in need. I am honored to have done stories in Boston.  

This has been an actual conversation in the Man Cave. What’s the Man Cave? Read this.

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