What’s for dinner in the Man Cave?

frozen-dinnersThere is a show on an esteemed cooking channel that challenges chefs to open a basket, full of “mystery” items of food, and then dares chefs to make something out of them. To me and others in the Man Cave, this is called DINNER.

Dinner Attempt #1: Open the freezer. Take something out. Thaw it and make dinner. I’ll admit that once I pulled a freezer bag out, sighed and asked, “What IS that?!” My oldest replied, “Merle’s hand.” If you are a “The Walking Dead” fan you will ‘get’ this. If not, don’t look it up. It will ruin YOUR dinner.

Dinner Attempt #2: Open fridge. Find one egg, mayonnaise, some old Worcestershire sauce, broccoli and something unidentifiable.

Dinner Attempt #3: Ask my husband to stop by the local grocery store. Affectionately called “The ‘Baums” by the Man Cave, because – no judgment – but they typically don’t have a lot to offer. Today, they have NOTHING to offer.

Dinner Attempt #4:  Dinner out. Epic fail because: 1) We looked at the family budget and 2)… And most importantly… we are all already in our pajamas.

Dinner Attempt #5: Find something edible in the freezer… combine it with the egg, mayonnaise and a dash of Worcestershire sauce along with the ONE head of lettuce that looked OK at the ‘Baums. “BOOM!” Dinner!

Dinner Attempt #6: … and then later we order a pizza. But we tried.

This has been an actual conversation in the Man Cave. What’s the Man Cave? Read this.

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