‘Everyone gets a trophy’ is fine with me

everyone-gets-a-trophyThe “Entitled Generation … SPOILED kids … and it all starts with giving everyone a trophy!” Yes it’s a catchy phrase. And it’s SO wrong on every level.

“They get a trophy just for showing up!” They are not just “showing up.” A young child who’s involved in team sports is learning basic rules, teamwork, commitment (you are part of this team so you’re going to practice) and that running, jumping and moving-their-little-bodies is at LEAST as fun as playing a video game. I agree that by the time they’re in the third grade, abilities and levels of commitment change and then, yes, go ahead and limit the trophies. Until that time, it IS an accomplishment just getting their little butts into their uniforms and onto the baseball diamond, soccer pitch, and hockey rink or basketball court.

“They’re a generation of spoiled kids!” You’re kidding me, right? Yes there are spoiled kids. There have ALWAYS been spoiled kids. THIS Millennial generation witnessed terrorism on U.S. soil, sent their parents off to war (often more than once), weathered a recession and still face an uncertain future. They face the reality that even though they live in the greatest nation on earth the American Dream might not come true for them. But they’re still working, joining the military, and trying to raise and love their families as every generation before them did.

So let them keep their darn second-grade soccer trophy. They’ve got enough to worry about.

This has been an actual conversation in the Man Cave. What’s the Man Cave? Read this.

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