“Stop smoking at the work place” or “The cigarette-smoking (homeless) man”

buttsI am very much the anti-smoking Mom of the Man Cave. I have relayed this TRUE story to the cubs/boys: Why you might want to consider NEVER SMOKING.

When I worked for a radio station (whose name I won’t mention), employees kept leaving lit cigarettes on the handle of the back door. They’d go inside to work and go back and puff on them. Message after message from ‘management’ failed to stop this habit. That’s when I wrote a note:

“Dear colleagues. Please know that when you leave a lit cigarette on the back door, the local homeless man (whose name is also protected for his privacy) takes a puff or two and then carefully puts your cigarette back on the door for you.”

Like MAGIC, no more lit cigarettes left on the back door handle! And no, sadly I was not kidding. Just hoping homeless man, and my former coworkers, kicked the habit.

This has been an actual conversation in the Man Cave. What’s the Man Cave? Read this.

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